Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into “Best Picture” Oscar-Nominee Poster

Ever wanted to be in the movies? Guy Madjar sure has. But instead of putting himself through the rigours of acting school and the soul-crushing pursuit of his big break in Hollywood, he decided to take an easier route by simply Photoshopping himself into all of the posters for this year’s Best Picture-nominated movies! From Hacksaw Ridge and Hell Or High Water to Manchester By The Sea and La La Land, Guy has added a humorous touch to this year’s biggest movies, and as you can see from the hilarious results, he certainly deserves an Oscar for his efforts.

#1 Moonlight

#2 Lion

#3 Manchester By The Sea

#4 La La Land

#5 Hell or High Water

#6 Fences

#7 Hacksaw Ridge

#8 Hidden Figures

#9 Arrival

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